HardKor Fan: Bryan Gregson

Website address: http://bryangregsonphotography.com/

Number of days on the river: 150-200

Favorite river(s): Remote gem clear streams with native fish, no trails and no people. When I get older I'll zero in on a few selects waters, and get to know them ...but for now, it's the search for blue squiggly lines that drives me.

Favorite fly and why: Is this a trick question?... I suppose anything tied by Clark "Cheech" Peirce, Nick Jones, Scott Dickey, Jesse Riding, Kelly Gallup or Brent "warpath" Dawson would be a favorite…OR… at very least these guys tie flies I couldn't live without on a daily basis.

What KORKERS product do you wear? The  KGB - anything with Kling-On rubber.

What one item would you never head to the river without? My hat…but if we are talking mechanics such as catching. I'd say some sort of leader material. You could figure the rest out if you needed too. A long time ago I forgot my reel while racing to a caddis hatch. I guess I was too excited and just hoped in the car without the majority of my gear. I tied what appeared to be 1x (found on the ground) to the butt of my rod, strung it through the guides and attached 4x to my fly. I managed to make it a total of about 10 feet in length. Not only was it hilarious, it was a great learning experience and awesome night of standing in the fast water and skittering flies.

Favorite music to take along: I like it all, well, except pop and rap. But it depends on the mood and the goals I've set. Say I'm hiking in for miles, I like metal and punk. Slayer, Blood for Blood and stuff like Led Zeppelin. Lately I've been grooving on some old Neil young and Modest Mouse again. Reggae is always in the playlist, all roots and guys like Damian Marley, Gentleman, SOJA, O'Luge, Stick Figure and of course Bob. I guess I try not to limit myself, ha.

Interesting Facts (fishing or non-fishing): It's about the fish, not the person. Oh, I helped make Bob Weir Sheppard's pie a few weeks ago. He and the band snacked it before the show. Interesting enough they played a bit sluggish. Personally I'd blame the potatoes.

Catch you're most proud of: a beautiful cutthroat that was hiding deep under the bank. He was a picky bastard, but finally took a drowned ant. He was about 6 inches long, I was 10. A 32 ¾ inch 16lb Rocky Mountain Brown ranks up there as well, a very emotional catch.

Favorite type of fishing: Native Rocky Mountain fish, mostly Cutthroat. My favorite type of fishing is more about finding a new remote location rather than specific specie.

Other Hobbies: Snowboarding, slacklining, climbing, photography and writing. Anything that involves being outside.