HardKor Fan: Gink & Gasoline

Like-minded creators of the popular Gink & Gasoline blog, Louis Cahill and Kent Klewein have brought a fresh attitude to fly fishing. These HardKor fans had a creative vision for Gink & Gasoline and have done a tremendous job of bringing fresh news, tips and commentary to your doorstep. If that isn't enough, Kent is one of the best fishing guides in the Southeast and Louis is a world renowned photographer.  We're proud to call them our friends and glad they are helping drive the fly fishing industry, even if it is in the front seat of a U-Haul moving van.....

From chasing bonefish in the Bahamas to targeting trout in Alaska, these guys know how to have a good time. They've broadened their operation to include hosted trips in the Bahamas at South Andros and i'm sure we'll see them add more trips in the near future.

When they're not hosting trips in the Bahamas, they can be found doing cool stuff like being in short movies like the one below by Bridgestone Tires. Is there anything these two can't do? We'll let them answer that when they return from the land of Bonefish.