Michael Rischer

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Number of years competitive kayak angling, and teaching? 5

Number of days annually fishing the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Southern CA and southeastern AK on:

I spend as many hours on the water as possible here in Portland, on the Oregon coast, and the coastal mountains.

In my honest opinion, some of the best fly and kayak fishing in the Western US is within ten minutes from my house here in Portland, OR. I had a couple early morning Spring Chinook limits (2 per day) last May that had me back at home cooking breakfast with my kids on back to back Saturday mornings.

I also enjoy hitting the same Willamette River from my kayak during the summer for a few hours after work. There’s a lot of Smallmouth Bass and walleye to get into.

If I’m not chasing the steelhead on the Clackamas or Deschutes, I’m probably chasing them somewhere in the Coast Range. One of the many reasons I ended up in Portland Oregon was because of the phenomenal number of fishable water’s that surrounds our city and Oregons coastline.

All in all my favorite rivers ever are the Provo, Wilson, Deschutes, Green, Upper Sacramento, Rogue River, Eagle Creek and Clackamas.

Favorite fly and why: I might say the Purple egg sucking leech is generally my favorite salmon fly in SE AK, but when the fishing gets skittery, my favorite back up fly is the Silver Thorn. It catches a lot nervous salmon and Steelies. I revert to this fly when the Purple egg-sucking leech is scattering the shoal as the loop passes overhead. That’s when the smaller, leaner, metallic Silver thorn delivers on its’ reputation. It’s less conspicuous, smaller and provokes vicious strikes in nervous fish. The texture and size of the fly trigger an aggressive strike and the silver pattern reflects light like the silvery scales of a diminutive bait fish.

What KORKERS product do you wear? Kayak fishing and fly fishing trips have many moving facets depending on what part of the day you’re in. I prefer my Korkers rubber lug sole during the morning as I travel overland to my remote fishing venue. Once there, I shift to korkers felt or studded felt sole’s to deal with the treacherous footing in changing aquatic conditions. Now you could take an extra pair of boots in a backpack to change into. With my Korker Chrome’s, however, I have the interchangeable Omnitrax soles so I can deal with all the conditions with a single pair of boots. Plus, I don’t have to take off my boots to change my inserts. A hiking sole is helpful for pulling my kayak down a trail at the coast or to a river. So I often start my fishing days with the hiking(rubber lug) sole. Since Hobie kayaks mainly use a foot-powered Mirage drive system, I usually leave my hiking inserts in the boots, but it's sure nice to switch from one sole to another based on the topography. I love using the Chrome most importantly, for it’s multiple traction-options, and extreme lightness.

I’m also really enjoying a pair of the Hyjack water shoe’s for slipping over my dry suit booties when I’m near the coast or fishing close to home. Super lightweight easy for the kayak or jumping off onto the NW beaches and hiking around. They seem very lightweight and versatile for inshore kayaking. Report to follow…

What’s one item you never head to the river without? Rod/Reel. I have actually made this mistake driving from Salt Lake City to Midway, Utah on my way to fly fish the Provo River when I was younger. I didn’t realize my mistake until I had finished the 40 minute drive, strapped on my waders, boots, vest and then reached for my rod. No dice! Lesson learned (I hope)…

Favorite music to take along: The Shins, Mumford and Sons, old school Metallica, Pink Floyd or Led Zepplin. It really depends on what kind of fishing.

Your most comical fishing memory/story: I was fly fishing the Green River in Northeastern Utah with some fly fishing buddies from SLC when I hooked into a 27”rainbow late in the evening. On a whim and need for more action, I ran to the river after dinner, casted a large Cicada while balancing on a rock wearing my bathing suit and my sandals. That was my first mistake! I should have been wearing my Korkers. What started as a joke deteriorated quickly, since my friends and I were sitting around the campfire enjoying a few hops. On my third cast, I hooked a large, energetic High Uinta Rainbow that was air-born as much as it was in the water (I remember wondering if fish hold their breath when flying thought he air). That’s probably why I slipped off my rock into the quick moving, deep, cold ass river. When I tried to palm the fish, I fell off my rock into water which was over my head. I noticed the trout quit its’ aerial antics while I was doing my brief personal version of a drag free drift. It took a few seconds to regain my footing and climb back out. Of course, by now my friends were in hysterics. While crawling to shore, I realized that my fish was still on when it made one last leap. As I dragged it out of the water their laughter changed to hoots. (I took that as good sign)

In addition to fly fishing, I am also an experienced Kayak Angler. My dad was one of my biggest fishing inspirations as a kid. He’s always been very involved in fishing. My dad was a Biology Professor by profession, as well as a certified fly casting instructor by the FFF. In his off time from work, my dad continued his love of teaching, but on the weekends it was at the casting ponds and rivers of southern California, High Sierras and of course Utah. I got to spend a lot of time as a kid learning the art of fly casting. I was a very fortunate young angler.

Catch you’re most proud of: 12lb 14z Lingcod caught from my kayak that won me 1st place and a brand new kayak (with all the trimmings) in 2010 Oregon Rockfish Classic in Depoe Bay, OR. I beat out 36 other contestants with the 1st and 2nd heaviest fish (lingcod at 12lb 14z and Cabazon at 12lb), so could have won twice. I should have registered twice. What a day!!

Favorite type of fishing: (Steelhead, Salmon and Trout) All of the Above

Other Hobbies:

Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Hanging out with my beautiful wife and raising our two boys.