HardKor Fan: Shane Rickert                                                                                

Favorite Fishing Blog: www.chiwulff.com & www.swingthefly.com

Instagram: instagram.com/shane_rickert

Number of days on the river: 50-70

Favorite river(s): Upper Madison and Yellowstone

Favorite fly and why: Studley BWO Nymph. On the Upper Madison, the Studley is my hands down "go to" dropper nymph. I have consistently caught more 16+" fish on this fly than any other in my fly boxes.

What KORKERS product do you wear? Devil’s Canyon with Alumatrax soles.

What one item would you never head to the river without?: Sturdy wading boots. Safety is paramount and solid boots
allow me to confidently wade and get to places where no one else fishes.
Favorite music to take along: Ryan Bingham and Turnpike Troubadours

Your most comical fishing memory/story: Oh man. There are too many to list! Two that stand out:
While Carp fishing on the Missouri River during the summer of '13, my friend, Jake, and myself hiked down a set of railroad tracks to get to the "secret spot". While walking along the tracks, I was inches away from stepping on a rather large and upset snake. After Jake and I screamed like little girls, threw our rods and ran the other way, we realized the snake was deader than a door knob. We still laugh about that day and according to Jake, he know it was dead...

Again, while fishing with Jake on the Gallatin River I watched him fish a solid run that has produced many fish for us over the years. I was nice enough to let him fish half of the run and then I decided a practical joke needed to be pulled on him. A perfect "throwing" rock was found, I waited for the perfect time and tossed the rock into the middle of the run. After Jake jumped out of his waders, said a few choice words and slowed his heart rate, he gave me the biggest smile he could have. The look on his face was priceless. Since then, it has become our "traditional joke". More than one good run has been ruined from us tossing rocks into the water on each other. Fishing deserves practical jokes!

Best Advice(fishing or non-fishing): Don't pee into the wind

Catch you’re most proud of: My first fish caught on a fly rod. Caught on the West Boulder River in Montana on a elk hair caddis. I was 15 and that was when the addiction started!

Favorite type of fishing: Trout!

Other Hobbies: Fly Tying, Skiing and hunting