Proving Ground: The Deschutes River, OR

The Deschutes River in Central Oregon is not only a renowned fishery, but also contains some of the nastiest terrain an angler can encounter. Most people plan their trip to the Deschutes to target Summer Steelhead, native Redside Trout, even Brown Trout in the upper river, but we rely on it for very different reasons. While we certainly enjoy the angling benefits this river has to offer, we only spend half our time there actually fishing!

Our unique OmniTrax Interchangeable sole system is relateively simple in that soles are easy to remove and install, allowing anglers to configure their wading boots to meet the demands of any terrain they encounter. Designing and developing such a system though is not so simple and requires extensive testing in the roughest terrain to ensure reliability as well as field durability. The unique terrain on the Deschutes can present extreme challenges for any angler brave enough to show up without the proper wading gear. The slick rocks and constantly challenging terrain make for the perfect testing ground for new Korkers models.

With it's deep canyon walls formed millions of years ago by a combination of lava flows and tectonic collisions, the lower 100 miles of the Deschutes is a fascinating playground for anglers and adventurers alike.
Last Spring we made an annual pilgrimage to the Deschutes. Photos below by Bryan Gregson.